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The Fridababy Products Every Mom Should Have + More

By Kate Kirby via

If you have kids, chances are you’ve heard of Fridababy— the genius brand behind the NoseFrida snot sucker. Mini toured the home of the brand’s president and soon-to-be mom of two Chelsea Hirschhorn to talk baby gear, balance and more!


Chelsea at home with child


We aren’t one of those companies that puts out multiple products each year just to take up more shelf space. We had big shoes to fill with anything following in NoseFrida’s footsteps, so each one provides a very deliberate and specific solution to a common baby care problem that new parents experience. Here’s a quick snapshot of why each is an essential addition to any new parent’s toolkit:

FeverFridaDon’t wake your sick child for a temp check— instead, use the FeverFrida to wirelessly and remotely monitor their temp right from your smart phone. Caring for a sick child is traumatic enough, parents can now sleep peacefully throughout the night or feel comfortable from work knowing that our app will alert you if baby’s temp is on the rise, send accurate medicine dose reminders via text or email and through our partnership with Boston Children’s Hospital, get fever management advice and symptom tracking from trusted professionals.

NailFridaSay sayonara to the fear of nicking baby’s sensitive skin! We’ve all been there, but the NailFrida Snipper Clipper is the first real solution. It’s a clipper that uses a safety spy hole so that parent’s can actually see how far down the nail they’re clipping and avoid catching baby’s sensitive skin! The blades are curved in the shape of the nail, so no more sharp corners or mitts to prevent clawed faces which inhibit fine motor skill development! It also comes with a curved newborn nail file for those hard to reach corners.

WindiLiterally the only instant and non-ingestible gas and colic relief solution on the market— another brilliant Swedish invention! Forget about gripe (sugar) water that may or may not work and takes a while for baby to process, you literally hear the gas released and then everyone can go back to sleep! It’s a changing table must-have for those middle-of-the-night or post-bottle tummy troubles. 

MomWasher:  Do not leave the MomWasher off of your hospital bag checklist! In this respect, Fridababy is the best friend no one has. You’ll get all of the gruesome delivery details from your friends, but conveniently no one tells you how messy the postpartum healing process can be— stitched up, stretched out, bleeding for days. The MomWasher is a redesigned peri bottle (way better than the ketchup thing they’ll give you in the hospital) and was uniquely designed to get the water exactly where you need it since you won’t be able to wipe or sit comfortably for a few days (or weeks!). With a waterproof travel bag, you can also continue the healing process when you’re out with the baby, getting moms back on to themselves faster!

NoseFridaNot sure it needs much explanation at this point. We’re the #1 purchased baby product at all of our retailers, with over 4,000 five star reviews on Amazon, but nevertheless, let’s just say the only time that turkey baster bulb syringe is ever clean is when they rip it out of the sterile packaging after you push the baby out! The original Swedish Snotsucker, the NoseFrida is the nasal aspirator that actually works. Yes, you suck the boogies right out—nope, it doesn’t go anywhere near your mouth—and you can clean the entire thing! Just make sure to change your filters!

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